Full-time Laravel guru needed - Remotely

We are a Swedish startup company who believes that talent has no borders. We headhunt developers and assist in helping Swedish start-ups to efficiently work with developers on a remote basis.

The startup is founded by us - Viktor Jarnheimer (Laravel developer) and Lee Haynes. Our ultimate goal is to convince every Swedish company that we come across to work with devoted senior developers outside of Sweden.

We are constantly looking for developers with code that we would be confident in deploying - even on a Friday. But as of right now, we are putting more emphasis on filling the position for an analytical tool (see below).

Why we need you: Improve REST API for an app

We are helping Toddy, a small startup who has developed an analytical tool for social media. It is based on two repositories: One backend in Laravel, one frontend in Angular. They talk to each other using a REST API.

The project, which was released one year ago, has been very popular.

However, the company is now facing a huge problem: The time it takes to execute the API requests is too long and the application feels slow. Also, it is lacking testing, good methods for deploying etc.

The backend was built by the front-end developer Alexander, and it is obvious that huge improvements can be made. Also, some new features are highly requested by the users.

Alexander, will now shift his focus to what he does best: Javascript. You, will be in charge of the PHP-part. This is a full-time job without an expected end date.


  • Remotely
  • Full-time
  • 3 600 USD / month*
  • Free tickets to Sweden if you want ;)

* some adjustment can be made if you are very skilled


  • Experience Laravel developer
  • Following best practices
  • Good English and willing to Skype

Nice to have

  • If you are based in Ukraine or Russia, that is great
  • Javascript skills
  • An interest in business sense
  • If you have a friend with Laravel or JS skills, you may work together)

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